Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sealing the deal -- a name for baby.

Sunday was very productive. Brad and I put the crib together -- well, mostly Brad -- AND, we decided on a name for our daughter. I honestly thought naming this child was going to be a never ending battle. Each of us calmly suggested a name or two each night. Brad's name suggestions were usually on my too plain or too popular lists, and he didn't like any of the family names I suggested. The teacher in me didn't want our daughter to be one of four in her class either. So we thought and thought. It's a big responsibility to name an individual. That's forever.
So we finally saw Blair in a book, and both of us liked it. We waited weeks, and it kept coming back. So Sunday when Brad asked me my favorite, we agreed that we both were in love with Blair, and that would be it -- not too overused or trendy. Then her middle name, Alexandra, comes from my brother Alex. So, sealed with a kiss, "unless something falls out of the sky" as Brad said, she will be Blair Alexandra. I am thrilled with it.


GT said...

I like Blair Alexandra TIMBER Wood.

GT (Grandpa Tim)

Amy said...

Ashlee- So good to hear from you. It looks like marriage and farming life suits you well - another thing we have in common. :) I love your blog!
About the name...Newt and I kind of decided on Meg the same way - it just kept coming back to us and we didn't argue about that one name. We think she fits her name just right. I know Blair will too. Can't wait to meet her!
We will miss you at Westfield next year. Meg starts kindergarten there in August! Time flies...

Unknown said...

I love your blog. I found it on Jana's page. Little girls are wonderful, just more expensive!!! Good luck w/ everything.
Tracy Barbour