Friday, June 27, 2008

Halfway there!

Yesterday I had my 20 week appointment and ultrasound. My Mema went with me, and we made a day of it and had a great time! Baby, who is still nameless, was a bit calmer than in previous ultrasounds. She sure likes to keep her arms above her head! Brad sleeps like that sometimes, so maybe that's where it came from.

We've done some work since Linsey's wedding. Brad actually went to shopping with me on the way home and helped me pick out a few things for the baby. I was surprised and delighted. I also ordered nursery furniture and precious bedding (from that came in earlier this week! I'm in love with it. I have
done some much needed organizing in the house to get ready to do the nursery and for us to move bedrooms! We have to wait until August for all of the baby's furniture to come in though.

Brad and I seem to be getting closer to names that we like. I hope we can nail something down soon, but I don't guess there's any need to rush.