Monday, August 18, 2014

Blair's First Trip to the Movies

Blair's class went to the theater to see Frozen, and it was Blair's first trip to the movies. And maybe the last. My busy babies are not cut out for the movies. They only watch movies in their car seats anyway. We had a good time though. The class had the theater alone, so at least I wasn't wrestling her with strangers looking on!

After the movie, Blair and I went to eat Mexican food. Fun field trip!

Kindergarten Girl

Today was the first day of Kindergarten. What?! Yes, we have an almost 6 year old in Kindergarten. Seems like we were just in the NICU!

Blair is beyond thrilled to start school. She is going to the same school she attended last year, but her class is thankfully smaller - 13 kids! I'm so glad because she always said the boys were too loud last year. Smaller class, fewer boys, and shiny new hearing aids will hopefully be a good mix for her!

We went to open house last night to see her desk and drop off supplies. 

She got a picture with her teachers. 

And of course all she talked about the whole day was going to "open dowa" (open door, aka open house) and when we got there she was all shy!

And then we went out for her favorite - spaghetti. She said she wanted sweet tea since it was the last night for sweet yea. And then she wouldn't go to bed. 

This morning she was so excited. 

She insisted on a new backpack. I love her llbean one, but she had her eye on a Garnet Hill messenger bag. And I have to say that it is very cute. 

I just started letting her wear skirts. She loves them. 

She stayed at school without a tear (she cried or whined every. single. day last year) and Ooda and I went out for grits! Yay kindergarten!

Friday, May 30, 2014

The Waffle House

Growing up with Waffle House. Yum. 

Grits loving...

Learning to use a spoon...

Double fisting...

Fashion modeling...

We drive up and he says, "grits!"

Monday, May 12, 2014

Leighton 21 Months

Leighton's almost two years have flown by faster than Blair's it seems. Splitting time is tough. And bless Blair, she's quite the demander of time. 

Leighton is the sweetest little thing. He's a cuddler and rough and tumble boy at the same time. He can hang with the big kids - and does. I think people think I'm crazy sometimes because of the things I let him do. But he has to learn. I'm certainly not going to put him in danger. But he pushes and knocks babies down. He's really a beast when he wants to be. And I tell him not to do something and he says, "why?" He doesn't even know what that means, but Blair says it, so why shouldn't he?!

The cuddly part of Leighton will lie with us in our bed and give and take sugar. Sometimes he says no, but sometimes he'll lean in to get a kiss on the cheek. He says "La loo" which is love you. He said it to Brad first and to me without repeating April 4 when I put him in bed. 

He has been so happy to be back in his crib after the first stage of the remodel forced us into cramped quarters. He's slept in completely empty rooms, the unfinished master bathroom, and the master closet. He looked around his bed and felt his sheet when I put him down. He also stopped waking up in the middle of the night. I love that he loves his bed and that he will cuddle with us in the mornings!

He just loves "eye tream" - ice cream. He really likes anything sweet. His mama blessed him with that. And his daddy. He had it coming. 

He really says tons of words - too many to count. He'll repeat almost any word you say. And he repeats the end of most every sentence.

He says Linnie as clear as day and can say Pagan for faegan but still calls her Gaga. 

He likes to call things by the end of their names or by combining sounds: Box for sand box, teeth for brush teeth, mup for pick them up, pere for up here, know for I don't know, and he asks everyone doin? for what are you doing?

He loves the kitty and say kitty very clearly. 

He likes to watch a "moomie" in the car. His favorites are the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ones. He asks for the "mouse." He likes Blair's KidSongs too. They are both really into the Who I Want to Be right now. They like the fireman, cowboy, and candyman especially. We don't watch tv at home unless it's first thing in the morning before we get up - just a habit we got into with Blair and haven't stopped. 

He still says "gaput" to get out of the high chair. Don't know where that came from but it has lasted months. It was really in some of the first things he said. 

Loves berries. All kinds. Really find of raspberries especially right now. He goes through spurts. And he begs for chips. 

Wants to go "side" constantly. He adores outside. And his skin shows it. He's a little gingerbread boy like his daddy. 

Leighton is so in love with Brad and still has a fit when Brad gets home. He runs to the door screaming dada dada dada dada!!

We went to the beach for spring break, and he loved the pool. He was timid but confident at the same time. He did very well in the puddle jumper. 

He is OBSESSED with cows. He calls everything on the side of the road a cow - even though he knows what horses are. And all produce is apple right now. He's very focused. :)

When he sneezes he says "nose" because he thinks he needs to blow his nose. He keeps on until I give him a wipe. He also says "nose" when he sees me get out the wipes. 

He will say 'tink when he has a dirty diaper sometimes. 

He has not been a big fan of reading, but he is liking reading and books more. But wants to do it himself. 

Still loves Bwaya to pieces. When we drop her off at school he asks about her. And if she is still asleep when he wakes from his nap, he asks for her. 

Tells Gus and buddy to "go on!" And "no!"

Loves to ride the ranger and the gator. He likes to ride anything. "Ride" he says. 

When it's raining he proclaims "Cold! Wet!" But ponds, puddles, oceans are all called WET! He points out the car window to a pond: "wet!"

I have no idea where it came from but he calls his blankets "Sock." It started sometime in January and has stuck. He has two flannel blankets he sleeps with, and they are both "sock."

I just love when I'm changing his diaper and he puts his little hands over his eyes, removes them and says boo!

He always talks about jammies. He always wants to put on jammies. 

He says "Put" or "puts" for feet. 

He says "Pind it" for find it. 

He likes the helicopter in his toys - copter he calls it. 

He is finally beginning with two word phrases: Gus out, Put it in, Have it, I got it. 

Gets up in middle of night or early morning, and we put him in our bed. He wants to lie on top of me or Brad with his head shoved between our collar bone and jaw. It's quite awkward. But he eventually goes back to his bed. He sleeps better there - and so does mama. 

Lately he exclaims Oh! I love it. He asks about where something is - juice? Sock? It's in your room. And he says Oh! It makes me smile. 

I also love that when I ask him something he says "know" if he doesn't know. 

He can jump - and is very proud. 

He's 33 plus inches and over 23 pounds. He wears a size 4 diaper, size 5 or 6 shoe, and size 24 mo one pieces and 18 month shorts and shirts. He got his top canine teeth on 4/20 at the same time. The only ones left are the bottom canines. Mama's ready for teeth to be done! The dirty diapers are plentiful and burn within a minute. It's no fun!

He still takes a 3 hour nap at 12:30. He goes to bed around 8 and wakes up around 7. 

Sort of random, but that's the boy for now! Love his sweet self.