Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Beautiful Days and Favorite Things

We have had some beautiful days this week, so the children and I have been playing outside a good bit. 

We made a return visit to the local playground to get some playing in before it gets to hot and the gnats come back. I'm sure we will be there a good bit in the next month or two. 

These two played themselves out and were about to go in for a nap here. 

We have done riding to the "big stick" and back. Leighton thinks mama can ride him when Blair's at school... Wish I could, but I'm a wide load for the gator!

He holds on tight!!

Blair went inside and packed us some drinks and snacks... yogurt, mandarin oranges, donuts, and water. Never mind the egg that was on the floor when we got back inside! ;)

Mr. Man got turned around in his car seat two days shy of 19 months old. Blair was two but she also only weighed 20 pounds. We went on an errand day, and he had a good ride!

Leighton got a day full of his favorite things today. This morning he had Andad time and grits - at the same time!

And at home he played with balls, ate chips ("chips"), and swang ("wing")! 

Loving these beautiful days!!

Friday, February 14, 2014

She's Five Part 2: The Fair

We got to visit the Georgia National Fair on Blair's birthday this year. Thankfully this time she didn't end up with fever!

Just as I suspected, her favorite ride was the little roller coaster. 

I love theses with the sun. I took these with my phone. 

She loves the carousel too!

Daddy's girl. 

It was a great end to a busy birthday!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pearly Whites

Blair went to the dentist for a cleaning this week, and she was looking forward to it. She loves Dr. Margaret and Whitney at Pediatric Dentistry of Central Georgia. She asked for weeks when she would be able to go and talked about what kind of toothpaste she was going to get. 

We found out that she has two loose teeth on the bottom and on permanent tooth in the bottom (her right) has already started to come in! I had not even seen it!

This makes mama sad about her growing up so fast, but I was happy to get a good report from Dr. Margaret! Blair is already asking when she can go back. She totally got that from her dad. 


I don't know if "sillies" is even a word, but that's what we have here in our house. A bunch of sillies. 

I wouldn't have it any other way!